Hello! I'm Catherine, I'm in my early thirties and a Mam of two beautiful daughters and partner to Craig.
I'm a registered childminder and Early Years Educator by day and now in my spare time (which isn't a lot) I like to write stories and poems. 

I absolutely adore rhyming picture books (think I'm just a big kid at heart) and I'm very lucky that my job as a childminder and educator in the early years involves lots of reading to the children with a wide variety of print! Stories and poetry are such a powerful learning tool and I know that children learn more effectively when rhyme is involved. Even now as an adult, if I need to remember something important - I'll try and create a poem or song to make it stick in my mind. We all know Miss Honey taught her students how to spell  D-I-F-F-I-C-U-L-T-Y using a poem with no difficulty at all in the end. 

When that naughty bug known as Covid came along and then lockdown hit in 2020, I had to close my early years setting on the instruction of the Government. Craig had just started a new job a month before and was put on furlough but unfortunately was paid off just a few months later. This was a scary time and I had no idea what we were going to do about income. I turned to writing stories and poems on an app on my phone - partly to pass away the time, but also to alleviate the constant stressors that Covid brought. At some point over the next few weeks, we both decided to have a chat about what to do next. We knew that there wasn't going to be much chance of full time work again for Craig at a wage we were used to and he had always wanted to go back to education, there just hadn't been the right time to commit to this. And so, the pandemic made us re-evaluate what we wanted out of life. I decided that I wanted to have a better work life balance from childminding when I would eventually reopen (which would be June 2020) and do something for me -and so came to the conclusion to become a published author. I had no idea how to go about it. We also wanted to show our girls that resilience is a great thing and you're never too old to do things you've always wanted to. We decided to go for it - Craig back to education to get a degree in Sociology and I teamed up with a group of marvellous people known as The Dream Team and never looked back...

I've braved the world of "authory" social media and created a group called A Wondrous World for The Wondrous Kind - mainly on Facebook but pages of The Wondrous Kind are now on Instagram and Twitter. You can click the little icons to connect with the various pages.  The Facebook group brings together all my #fabfollowers and invites you to take part in #wondrouswednesdays - a day to look at things with curiosity and spend time completing the set challenges. You'll find lots of information about my books (hopefully a published series, but y'know get the first one out the way!), merch and just general craic about my daily life..which in all honestly, is probably not that much different than yours but we can banter over it together. 

Come and be one of The Wondrous Kind - I am really looking forward to seeing you and your little ones there!